Nov 23-26, 2022 Miyazaki (宮崎)

I traveled around Miyazaki to visit famous shrines and scenic spots.
Since it's far away from Saitama (where I live), I flew in airplanes and used a rental car instead of my Jimney.

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Amano-iwato Jinja (天岩戸神社)
This shrine is famous as a place of the Amano-iwato myth.
It's prohibited to take pictures of the actual Amano-iwato because it's considered as a sacred place

Takachiho Jinja (高千穂神社)

Takachiho Kyo (高千穂峡)

You can enjoy kayaking in the valley and observe columnar jointings closely.

Umagase (馬ケ背)

Ohmi Jinja (大御神社) & Udo Jinja (鵜戸神社) - famous for a view from the cave that looks like a dragon ...or whatever.

Miyazaki Jingu (宮崎神宮)

Udo Jingu (鵜戸神宮) - very famous for the shrine in the cave.

Short cruise near Nango (南郷)

Aoshima & Aoshima Jinja

You can enjoy good quality of sushi and sashimi.

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